What is vDOC?

vDOC is a freely available Citadel style BBS package. It is text-based; that means there is no (native) web interface. It supports simultaneous user logins via Telnet, SSH, ISCABBS client, and SSL-wrapped ISCABBS client. vDOC does not directly support dial-up users.

vDOC is short for "variant Dave's Own Citadel", as vDOC is directly descended from DOC, the software developed to run ISCABBS. vDOC is entirely focused on user communication. There are no file downloads and no doors.

vDOC follows traditional Citadel style by having multiple message boards ("rooms"), individual mail, and instant messaging between online users. Also following the Citadel style, the user interface is very clean, without a lot of extraneous menus, unwieldy post headers, or tacky ANSI "graphics".

vDOC is known to run on Debian GNU/Linux 2.2, 3.0 and 3.1. It is likely to run on FreeBSD and OS X without much trouble. The immediate ancestor of vDOC runs on Solaris. DOC itself originally ran on HP-UX, but vDOC is completely untested on this platform.

vDOC 1.71

The vDOC codebase is no longer maintained. Work is beginning on a completely rewritten replacement for vDOC. A public beta is tentatively slated for October or November 2006.

UPDATE: The Requirements Specification and Acceptance Test documents for the new project are now available. The working name of the project is nuDOC, but this will almost certainly change in the near future due to trademark issues. See http://bbswiki.evernex.com/wiki/NuDOC.

I'm really serious about this. It's actually going to get released this time. Why? Because I'm getting college credit to do it as an independent study, and it's going to be done right. :P

In the meantime, log in to Utopia Dammit! BBS and take a peek at the Client> room.

vDOC 1.7

vDOC 1.7, pronounced "variant DOC 1.7", is short for DOC 1.7, Fbrd rev 0.3, m0n0, an ungainly name telling the revision levels of various programmers. This may change in the future. DOC is short for "Dave's Own version of Citadel".

vDOC is a Citadel-style Internet BBS. It is directly descended from code that the ISCA BBS runs on (or ran on at one time, I don't frequent it so I don't know). I've taken the time to write some very basic documentation for it which covers the main steps involved in setting up a BBS using this software. I've also made some changes to the code, fixed a bug or two, and added some missing menus and such -- the state of the documentation and included files was abysmal when I got ahold of the source, and is now approaching usable, at least for somebody with experience compiling software and such.

If you have any suggestions, changes, corrections, additions, patches, or wish to maintain this codebase (which is currently seeing only very incremental maintenance), please log into Utopia Dammit! BBS and look for me (Neurophyre), or contact me at spambox a t evernex d o t com - yes, it's a real e-mail address. If you start a public BBS with this code, please also send me a mail at this address.

The source tarball is updated frequently with minor updates. Please check back often. Last update: 26 April 2002

Reference copy of DOC Version 1.7, Fbrd rev. 0.3, dated 11 February, 2002 from http://my-client.isbroken.com/: